Managed Services

Our comprehensive suite of services is managed by the most experienced support team in automated retail. From ensuring inventory deliveries, to replenishing inventory and handling ongoing operations, ZoomSystems is an indispensable partner in your company’s IT asset management program.
  • Account Management

    ZoomSystems has a fully dedicated project team assigned to each account. They will manage the many details of your device management solution including product assortment, installation, maintenance, inventory and regular business reviews.

  • Physical Design

    Although it isn’t required, ZoomSystems can provide you with a visually appealing custom machine design. Our aesthetics design team works closely with you to design a look that fits your specific business.

  • Graphical User Interface Development

    We have developed award winning interfaces that are easy to use. With over 10 years of experience and analysis, these streamlined, intuitive touch screen displays enhance the overall employee experience.

  • Location Services

    We will work with your facilities group or property managers to ensure the best locations are selected.

  • Machine Logistics

    Our project services team will coordinate and deploy your DMCs to all locations.

  • Supply Chain Management

    We deliver analysis, forecasting and tracking to help you make decisions that optimize your inventory. Our merchandisers ensure products make it to your DMC efficiently while minimizing out of stocks and providing replenishment, warehousing, forecasting, and pick, pack, and ship services.

  • Network Monitoring & Tech Support

    Every touch and transaction that takes place at your DMC is uploaded to e-Center for monitoring and reporting. Events and data are analyzed throughout the day for patterns that indicate an error or potential problem, and services can be automatically dispatched.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    We’ll help you put the appropriate action plans in place, delivering real time analytics, forecasting and tracking via our SMART technology to help you make decisions that optimize your asset management.