Angela Kinsey's Husband's Jacket Cookies

Angela Kinsey’s Husband Turned Her Internet-Famous Jacket Into an Incredible Cookie

MADISON ROBERTS April 09, 2018 02:25 PM


Angela Kinsey is determined to continue “the legend” of her vending machine jacket—this time, through sugar cookies.

After Kinsey, who is known for her role as Angela Martin on The Office, bought a jacket from an airport vending machine, the internet had a field day. People produced memes of Kinsey’s jacket, and Charis Rinehold, a young girl from Frankford, Deleware, even created the jacket it’s own Instagram profile, which has gained over 28,000 followers. Pretty soon, Kinsey’s husband, the actor-turned-baker Joshua Snyder, began receiving social media requests to bake Kinsey’s vending machine jacket into a cookie.

The couple took to their YouTube channel, Baking with Josh and Ange, which has previously featured episodes with fellow Office alums like “Baking Vegan with Rainn Wilson” and “Mini Christmas Cookies with Jenna Fischer,” to fulfill the requests and offer the backstory behind the jacket.

In the episode, Kinsey explained that she purchased the plum Uniqlo puffer jacket for $69.99 from an airport vending machine in Burbank, CA, while she was traveling a lot to speak at various schools. “I don’t work for them. I’m not paid by them,” Kinsey said in the episode. “I’m just a dork who was obsessed with a vending machine.”

Kinsey brought her obsession into the kitchen, where Snyder baked and decorated three sugar cookies based on illustrations from their friend Kyle Cummings. First, Snyder made the jacket using an ugly sweater Christmas cookie cutter, and decorated it using food-safe marker and 20-second icing, which he dyed three parts red and one part black to match the maroon color of the jacket. Then, Snyder created a “mini-Angela” cookie, which he decorated with blonde hair, a smile and a button down shirt (eventually to be covered with the jacket cookie). His final cookie was a large, rectangular recreation of the red vending machine, complete with Uniqlo’s logo and slogan, “Life wear that goes…”

The couple then called for their viewers to attempt making their own vending machine jacket cookies—but they’re probably a lot harder to bake than they made them look.

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