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Case Study: Logmein Central Eases Control and Customer Support for Automated Retail Vendor

ZoomSystsems is on the forefront of automated self-service retail.  Working with brands such as Best Buy, Proactive, Benefit, Amazon, Essie and Nespresso, their self-service kiosks provide the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of traditional retail.

With a growing number of kiosks located in airports, malls, and retailers, the ability to connect, support, and control all of them seamlessly was becoming a true challenge.  Visibility into customer purchases and performing machine maintenance was a very intensive software engineering process, they needed to streamline and address.

“Managing over 1,500 kiosks was becoming unwieldy and overwhelming. We needed a tool to provide visibility, troubleshoot customer issues, and provide security and control. Streamlining our processes was our driver for LogMeIn, I can’t imagine life without it.” — Christopher Chambers, Network Operations Manager, ZoomSystems

With LogMeIn Central, ZoomSystems deploys the software across all of their kiosks for instant and reliable remote connectivity.  Their technicians have the ability to push updates and perform routine maintenance with ease.  Further, features like User Management limit access and provide control and Windows Updates and Anti-Virus Management aid in PCI compliance.

With the help of LogMeIn Central, ZoomSystems has increased flexibility to support kiosks across the globe, limited onsite visits, all while maintaining security and control their scaling business requires.

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