10 Things You Can Buy in an Airport Vending Machine

Recently, one of my Twitter followers marveled that she was able to buy her favorite cosmetics in an airport vending machine.  I wrote about one of the first vending machines, operated by ZoomSystems at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, back in 2006. The machine carried electronics for travelers who may have forgotten or lost items. Since then, these machines have become widespread and carry everything from underwear to aromatherapy. Below are 10 items you can find at different airports.

1.  Electronics

Best Buy Express has airport kiosks that sell a range of products, including Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, iPod Touches and cell phone chargers.

2.  Face Care

You see the celebrities hawking Proactiv face care products in commercials and infomercials on television. And you can buy your products in vending machines at airports including Minneapolis-St. Paul.

3.  Cell Phones

After landing, you reach for your cell phone and it isn’t there. You’re going to be gone or a week and you need to stay in touch. Straight Talk offers vending machines that sell the latest pre-paid cell phones and sim cards at four airports including Oakland International.

4.  Makeup

The trendy Benefits Cosmetics has what it calls “beauty kiosks” in 28 airport locations, including Austin-Bergstrom, Houston Intercontinental and Philadelphia International. The vending machine, in the shape of a pink bus, offers products including mascara, custom powder and pore cream.

5.  Upscale Food and Drink

Israel Airport Authority recently installed food/beverage vending machines at Ben-Gurion Airport as an alternative to higher-priced offerings in restaurants. The machines offer coffee, tea, croissants and sandwiches.

6.  Clothes and accessories

Travelers at Boston Logan Airport can buy items including T-shirts, socks, ballet flats, underwear and toiletry kits — all for under $15 — at the Automatic Apparel machine.

7.  A Hamburger

If you land at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and you crave a hamburger, you’re in luck. This airport has a vending machine that sells hot burgers with the works!

8.  Flowers

Say you’ve just landed in Vegas and want to buy some flowers. McCarran International has flower vending machines in five locations.

9.  Forgotten Travel Items

3FLOZ vending machines offer Transportation Security Administration-friendly products including 21 Drops aromatherapy, Marvis toothpaste and The Laundress Stain Solution. The machines are in 11 airports, from Sacramento International to Dallas/Fort Worth.

10.  Health Care Items

Not feeling well? The Max-Well vending machine, with outlets at airports including Raleigh-Durham and JFK, offers items like relaxation and stress relief products; sinus, headache, cold and flu remedies; healthy snacks; and even compression socks.

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