8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nail Polish

1. The first modern nail polish was inspired by car paint…

Michelle Marnard adapted its formula to make the first-ever glossy nail polish in 1916. Thereafter, her partnership with the Charles Revson company resulted in the creation of the Revlon cosmetics brand.

2. Nail Polish isn’t just for your fingers and toes…

Use clear nail polish to prevent your jewellery from rusting or to fix those annoying holes in your tights.

3. The most expensive nail polish in the world will cost you around R2,5 million…

No biggy. Azature’s Black Diamond lacquer consists of 267 carats of black diamonds – in ONE bottle!

4. Nail polish originated around 3000BC.

In ancient Egypt, polish was used as a signifier of class ranking – nudes and pastel colours were often reserved for working-class individuals, while red nails signified that you were a member of high society.

5. Essie nail-polish vending machines?

Yes, these actually exist (EEEK!). These grab-and-go, digital kiosks are stocked with 48 Essie shades and can be found in malls and airports across the US, including JFK International Airport.

6. Nail polish does expire…

The formula becomes a little funky after two years.

7. A woman once got arrested for painting her nails during a flight…

No joke. But she did swear a couple of times and refused to stop but still, she got arrested! Why? Most airlines prohibit the use of nail polish in mid-flight – it’s messy and has inflammable ingredients.

8. It takes 130 bottles of nail polish to paint a car.

David Sheath painted a Fiat 500 using only pink nail polish. His painting tool? The actual polish brush that extends from the bottle cap. It took him over four days to finish his painting job.

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