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Essie Now Offers Polish on the Go

Let’s face it: Airports are boring. Unless you’re making the ever-so important decision on whether to get a cinnamon roll or a cheese-filled pretzel at 10pm, airports are at the bottom of the list of entertaining places. But Essie is about to change that for all of you beauty junkies out there.

The nail brand is launching a series of “Color Boutiques” to help you shop shades on the go. Think of it as a vending machine for the nail obsessed. The kiosks have already premiered at major airports such as Oakland International Airport and in the JetBlue Terminal of New York’s JFK Airport with many more to come, and offers consumers a fun, interactive way to shop for their polish via fancy digital touch screens.

Each self-serve kiosk will house an assortment of 48 Essie shades, including 42 permanent hues and six colors from the seasonal collection, which will be updated quarterly. Shoppers will be able to pick up their favorite individual polishes or choose from one of eight curated nail-art looks that come with a link to a “how to” application guide, so the task isn’t so daunting.

And in case you’re not the traveling type, Essie will also have kiosks stationed in select major malls such as The Shops at Mission Viejo in Mission Viejo, California. The color boutiques start rolling out this month. Article

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