Nespresso diversifying its distribution channels with a ZoomShop

The brand opened its concept Tuesday at a mall in Switzerland. Despite intense competition, sales increased

Could this be a long-awaited Nespresso compete answers? Subsidiary of Nestlé expands its presence in any case and the accessibility of its pods for consumers. So far, they could only be purchased via the Internet, in its own stores or through a call center.

In a context of sharp struggle in this segment, the replica brand takes the form of a cube, 3 x 3 meters. It looks like a big point of sale where customers can find all the variations of coffee brand, as well as limited editions. A kind of Selecta small black, but luxury version, and without coffee served directly. Just make a choice on a touch screen and the machine will deliver the order in 20 seconds. Each cube has about 25,000 capsules.The customer can see a live robotic arm and articulated prepare purchase.Nespresso states that the cube is equipped with innovative technology. Manufacturing is the work of Californian manufacturer ZoomSystems(already a partner of Amazon or Macy’s). This is at least as that presented themselves first copies tested abroad, as in Spain, including the airport of Barcelona and Lisbon.

“This opens a new way to shop. It allows us to push the boundaries of customized services for our club members and consumers, “ignites Nespresso, in a press release. “The cube expands our distribution network into new high-end places.” This is not a first for Nestlé. In March 2013, he unveiled a similar kind of concept for Nescafé. Also as a terminal, this system offered hot coffee, consume directly.

Nespresso, this tool also allows him to storm supermarkets, invaded in recent years by alternative capsules, as Migros, Denner or Coop. Not directly, but in the stalls in the alleys of the temples of consumption. The first cube in Switzerland to be inaugurated on Tuesday at the mall in Margoussin of Chavannes-de-Bogis . Others should follow.

The world’s number one food is now considering its deployment in Europe, particularly in France. This allows him to get closer to customers in places where the brand has no shops. Means for Nespresso, which reported last year a “high growth”, according to Thursday at a press conference in Vevey Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestlé, distinguish themselves by the services provided to its customers at a time when he faces renewed competition from manufacturers of capsules. Nespresso which almost always sued in vain for an hour. No detail or quantified targets have been articulated at this stage for the cube.

Nestlé estimates, there are now more than 130 types of capsules on the market, including 90 directly compatible with Nespresso machines stamped. Since 2000, the brand has opened more than 300 stores worldwide. Including 48 just last year. If the brand no longer publishes these figures, Jean-Philippe Bertschy, an analyst at Vontobel, estimates sales of CHF 4.6 billion, with organic growth of 14% in 2013. The company is currently building a new production site in Romont (FR), his third in Switzerland.

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