Benefit Pink Glam Bus debut

Benefit Cosmetics’ Pink Glam Bus to debut at Austin-Bergstrom airport


AUSTIN — Austin is known for many things but now it has a one-of-a-kind, yes the only one in the world, “Benefit Cosmetics” kiosk.

The airport kiosk will offer cosmetic samples and makeovers for air-travelers in Austin Bergstrom International Airport on Friday during a debut.

Airport officials say a “Glam Up & Away” launch party will reveal the kiosk to the public on Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. across from gate 14 for ticketed passengers only.

“At Benefit, laughter is the best cosmetic. That’s why we chose fun and fabulous Austin to launch our glam up & away vending machines,” said Julie Bell, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics.

The vintage pink beauty bus will allow customers access to 30 best-selling products immediately following the debut. ABIA says the kiosk will also provide application tips on a graphic user interface.

“It’s a busy airport with about 10 million passengers every year…and provides a feel-good experience with terrific shopping, top restaurants and LIVE music. What better place to introduce Benefit’s playful, witty personality and instant beauty solutions to millions of travelers. The HUB of HOTNESS meets WOW on WHEELS,” Bell said.

Benefit Cosmetics, based in San Francisco, CA was founded in 1976. Founders Jean and Jane Ford were born in Indiana. Both sisters modeled for Calgon.

On the Benefit Cosmetics website the company says it has “a global cult following among models, makeup artists, drag queens, celebrities & rockstars.”

ABIA generates $2.4 billion economic impact on the Austin area annually. The airport set a record last year with 9.4 million passengers.

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