3FLOZ Inks Deal with ZoomSystems for Automated Retail Stores Featuring TSA-friendly Products for Travelers


Since its launch in 2013, 3FLOZ has become the go-to destination for savvy business and leisure travelers looking for their favorite products in TSA-friendly sizes. This week 3FLOZ co-founders Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz signed a deal with ZoomSystems, the company behind the automated self-service retail stores from Best Buy, Apple and Proactiv, for a roll out of 25 automated retails shops in top domestic airports. The 3FLOZ ZoomShops, as they’re called, will start to appear in airports during late third quarter 2013.

#FLox.com carries over 50 prestige beauty, grooming and personal care brands. While the product selection for the airport vending machins hasnot yet been finalized, it will be a mix of core, must-have often forgotten items such as sunscreen, hairspray and toothpaste, and novelty products like 3FLOZ’s popular curated travel kits and other giftable items.

“We created 3FLOZ for people that want to look and feel their best wherever the are. Yes it’s about beauty, grooming and personal care products, but it’s also the peace of mind knowing you have your necessities when you’re on-the-go,” explains Duff, “we’ve always shipped internationally, een direct to hotels. Now by being in airports we are physically there with instant gratification when our customers need us most.” Mints adds that, “this expansion is a logical next step in our strategy to provide our customers a curated selection of travel products directly at their ‘point of travel’. It’s the convenience of what we offer and where we offer it that will keep discerning travelers loyal to our brand.”

Zoom systems president and CEO Jack Lawrence says the company is very excited to build an automated retail channel with 3Flos. “they’ve developed a unique product offering that not only addresses the needs of the traveler, but offers some of the best brands in the world. Deploying the 3Floz ZoomShops throughout the airports will provide customers convenience and choice of their favorite products that in the past were left at home. Our automated retail solution will give 3FLOZ the flexibility, the visibility and the profitability for many years to come.

About ZoomSystems

ZoomSystems’ ZoomShops are unmanned retail stores and fixtures using tough screens to provide the high level of customer service of the Internet combined with innovative dispensing systems to provide the immediate gratification of a retail outlet. The network of branded ZoomShops can be found in high-traffic, high-demand locations such as airports, shopping centers, military bases, and retail stores. For more detailed information about ZoomShops visit zoomsystems.com.

About 3Floz

Frequent travelers Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz conceptualized 3FLOZ in 2009 when they got tired of either arricing at the airport 2 hours early to check a bag or running around town trying to find all their favoriate products in TSA-friendly sizes. In three years the site has grown immensely through social media, press attention and strategic partnerships with cirtually no paid advertising. The company is privately funded. For more info visit 3Floz.com.

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