ZoomSystems provides automated retail solutions for leading retailers and brands worldwide. Last year ZoomShops sold $100M in products and generated 10M unique user sessions, 80M touches, and 2M transactions.

Device Management

Improved inventory management, unparalleled support and cost effective

In-Store retail

Manage shrink, improve sales, enhance the customer experience

Satellite retail

Open small-format stores in high traffic locations

Satellite Retail

ZoomShops are perfect for driving revenue in desirable locations—the highest sales per square foot in retail—and delivering a superior consumer experience. Our largest of ZoomShops delivers up to 100 square feet of highly visible and valuable brand messaging to consumers in high-traffic areas like malls and airports. Our ZoomShops require no staffing and never close for business.


  • Brand experience delivered in premium locations
  • Unassisted up-selling and cross-selling at point of purchase
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Valuable brand exposure in high-traffic locations
  • Enhanced consumer experience
  • Over 10 million unique user sessions and 80 million screen touches in 2012
  • The highest sales per
    sq. ft. in retail
  • Hundreds of thousands of impressions per machine
Selected Satellite Case Studies
Selected In-Store Case Studies

In-Store Retail

In-store retail allows our clients to sell more and lose less, while enhancing the consumer experience—all in a small footprint. Shrink continues to be a massive retail challenge, and current defensive merchandising methods are often ineffective, cause a significant drop in sales, or both.

Our in-store solution protects your merchandise against consumer theft and improves on-shelf availability, and does so in a way that will enhance—not disrupt—the shopping experience of your valued customers.


  • Improves on-shelf availability
  • Eliminates consumer shrink, reduces internal shrink
  • Reduces out of stocks and streamlines replenishment
  • Increases unit sales, average sales price, and basket size
  • Enhances consumer experience
  • Flexible and scalable—efficient use of space
  • Increases basket size by as much as 25%
  • Easy installation on standard fixtures

Device Management


ZoomSystems’ Device Management Centers leverage our proven technology and software platforms to support companies’ IT and mobile device management needs. We offer a superior user experience that includes an intuitive interface, elegant robotic delivery system and seamless tracking and administration. High-quality hardware ensures that systems are reliable, and our integrated operational expertise allows companies to deploy and maintain devices globally. We support and work with our clients’ supply chain, providing the infrastructure needed to offer a seamless solution.


Benefits & Statistics

  • Improved inventory management and tracking
  • Reduced support costs
  • Accountability and usage reporting
  • Mission critical availability of devices – zero latency
  • Improved deployment and reduced lead times
  • Ideal for BYOD and Individual User Responsibility of devices
  • Proven technology platform & reliable hardware
  • Improved customer experience