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Sep 3 2013

Leading automated retail company ZoomSystems today announced it has acquired Vigix, Inc. and its patented no-moving-parts technology, which will allow ZoomSystems to expand its global infrastructure and provide more retailers with greater on-shelf availability for in-demand products.

Sep 3 2013

ZoomSystems, the global leader in automated retail, has added another top brand partner to its portfolio, by teaming with Benefit Cosmetics, a San Francisco-based beauty company, to deliver interactive, branded, retail kiosks for travelers to have access to instant beauty solutions in major airports.


Aug 30 2013

The Moodie Report

3floz has teamed up with ZoomSystems to roll out 25 fully automated retail stores starting this week across US airports, including Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York JFK and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Aug 27 2013

Benefit Cosmetics is stepping up its airport presence this autumn with the introduction of Glam Up & Away! automated retail kiosks. They have been created in partnership with ZoomSystems, claimed to be the unchallenged authority in high-end automated retail. 

Aug 21 2013

Austin is known for many things but now it has a one-of-a-kind, yes the only one in the world, "Benefit Cosmetics" kiosk. The airport kiosk will offer cosmetic samples and makeovers for air-travelers in Austin Bergstrom International Airport on Friday during a debut. 

Jul 30 2013

When do you feel the least attractive? If we had to narrow it down, we'd say it's probably be when we are huffing through an airport, dragging our luggage — and our stress — with us. Try as we might to be organized, pulled-together travelers, our flying-the-friendly skies reality is usually makeup-free, sweaty, and wearing regrettable footwear. 

May 23 2013

 In malls where the rents are too high or the foot traffic too low, American Kiosk further reduces labor costs by relying on automated merchandising equipment made by a company called Zoom Systems. The high-end vending machines have an interactive display that facilitates “guest consultations” that help customers choose among the 18 products. 

May 14 2013

Think of vending machines these days, and sodas and snacks immediately come to mind. In the 1880s, this technology dispensed just postcards and gum, but has evolved greatly since its modest roots. Modern automated vending devices can now offer a wide range of products that would have seemed unfathomable to its original creators. Within this great story of human ingenuity and technological evolution, lies a clear trend of increasing corporate interest, of which investors will most certainly want to take note. 

Feb 27 2013

Since its launch in 2013, 3FLOZ has become the go-to destination for savvy business and leisure travelers looking for their favorite products in TSA-friendly sizes. This week 3FLOZ co-founders Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz signed a deal with ZoomSystems, the company behind the automated self-service retail stores from Best Buy, Apple and Proactiv, for a roll out of 25 automated retails shops in top domestic airports. The 3FLOZ ZoomShops, as they're called, will start to appear in airports during late third quarter 2013. 

Feb 12 2012

Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport announced today the installation of a brand new Best Buy Express ZoomShop, located in the north concourse of the airport. The Best Buy Express machine, manufactured by San Francisco based ZoomSystems, is an automated retail channel of distribution which offers the convenience of online shopping with the immediate gratification of traditional retail.