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Apr 9 2018

MADISON ROBERTS April 09, 2018 02:25 PM


Angela Kinsey is determined to continue “the legend” of her vending machine jacket—this time, through sugar cookies.


Mar 27 2018

CHAZZ INNISS March 27, 2018 03:19 PM

If you’ve ever been in the airport and spotted a vending machine that housed not cold beverages but outerwear and thought, who really buys that? The answer is Angela Kinsey, who famously played awkward accountant Angela Martin on The Office.

Jan 30 2018

The first Canadian Glam up & away kiosk will debut at Calgary airport this spring.


Benefit is crossing the border this spring to debut its first Canadian 'Glam up & away' automated kiosk at Calgary International Airport. The brand currently has 52 Glam up & away locations in 34 U.S. airports and cities.


Dec 26 2017

Airport vending machines in the past have sold typical items — soda, water and snacks. But companies eager to find a low-cost, easier way to sell goods to passengers in airport terminals are using vending machines in new ways.


David Popler is the chief revenue officer and senior vice president of sales at San Francisco-based ZoomSystems. His company is credited with bringing one of the first non-food/beverage-based vending machines to an airport — Hartsfield-Jackson — in 2006, selling Apple iPods.


Aug 30 2017

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Swyft, Inc. announced the strategic acquisition of NewZoom LLC (ZoomSystems), the global leader in automated retail, in a cash and equity transaction. The Swyft purchase of ZoomSystems enables both companies to better serve a broader global customer base in both Automated Retail and Retail Automation.

Aug 3 2017

Uniqlo wants to make shopping for clothes as easy as buying a chocolate bar. 

The Japanese retailer is launching new vending machines in 10 locations across the US, including malls and airports.

These so-called "Uniqlo To Go" machines will stock two of the most popular items from the brand's "LifeWear" collection: a thermal heat-tech T-shirt ($14.90) and a lightweight down jacket ($69.90). These will come in different sizes and colors. 

Aug 3 2017

Uniqlo is offering two items via vending machines—heat-retaining shirts and lightweight down jackets—dispensed in boxes and cans to U.S. consumers.

The Japanese fashion brand installed a vending machine at Oakland Airport in California with nine more planned for airports and malls in Los Angeles, Houston and New York in the near future.

Uniqlo USA CEO Hiroshi Taki said the technology will bring “convenience to travellers looking for a warm jacket without the bulk, or a versatile undershirt.”

Feb 17 2016

NAMA Recommends Vended Gifts at Valentine's Day.

If you're pressed for time this Valentine's Day, look to a vending machine to find a timely gift for your special someone.

"Innovation defines the vending and refreshment services industry today, taking unattended retail to a whole new level," said Roni Moore, NAMA's Vice President of Marketing and Communications. "From gourmet food to beauty products to high-tech gadgets, the sky is the limit with the impressive array of items available in vending machines throughout the country."

Here's a Top Ten List:

Jul 30 2015

Airports are getting a little more child-friendly, at least for parents traveling with babies and toddlers. The Honest Company, a consumer goods brand, recently started installing automated kiosks stocked with essentials for parents who forgot to bring diapers onto their next flight. The eco-friendly line, founded by the actress Jessica Alba in 2012, has set up nine kiosks at several airports and already plans more.



Jul 15 2015

Even as malls and shopping centers across America, the UK, and Europe shut their doors or convert into mixed-use spaces, however, there is one place where the retail opportunities that were once offered in shopping malls are not only still present, but growing every day: airports. Airports are the new malls, and offer retailers new opportunities to reach audiences that they might otherwise miss. Luxottica, an Italian maker of sunglasses, refers to airport sales as "the Formula 1 of retail".