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Feb 17 2016

NAMA Recommends Vended Gifts at Valentine's Day.

If you're pressed for time this Valentine's Day, look to a vending machine to find a timely gift for your special someone.

"Innovation defines the vending and refreshment services industry today, taking unattended retail to a whole new level," said Roni Moore, NAMA's Vice President of Marketing and Communications. "From gourmet food to beauty products to high-tech gadgets, the sky is the limit with the impressive array of items available in vending machines throughout the country."

Here's a Top Ten List:

Jul 30 2015

Airports are getting a little more child-friendly, at least for parents traveling with babies and toddlers. The Honest Company, a consumer goods brand, recently started installing automated kiosks stocked with essentials for parents who forgot to bring diapers onto their next flight. The eco-friendly line, founded by the actress Jessica Alba in 2012, has set up nine kiosks at several airports and already plans more.



Jul 15 2015

Even as malls and shopping centers across America, the UK, and Europe shut their doors or convert into mixed-use spaces, however, there is one place where the retail opportunities that were once offered in shopping malls are not only still present, but growing every day: airports. Airports are the new malls, and offer retailers new opportunities to reach audiences that they might otherwise miss. Luxottica, an Italian maker of sunglasses, refers to airport sales as "the Formula 1 of retail". 


Jul 14 2015

On the heels of launching a beauty line for The Honest Co., Jessica Alba is further expanding her $1 billion empire with another brilliant business strategy: opening airport kiosks for all those last-minute travel essentials.

The actress turned entrepreneur revealed the Honest Co. kiosk on Tuesday via Instagram with a caption that read: "What what?! @honest airport kiosks #honestonthego."

Jul 8 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8, 2015 – ZoomSystems, the global leader in automated retail, is announcing the launch of Device Management Centers (DMCs), a solution for IT and mobile asset management that automates the delivery and maintenance of electronic devices and accessories for employees, helping to improve efficiency, reduce costs and manage inventory.

Jul 1 2015

Heaven help the parents who find themselves stuck in an unexpected layover, sans spare diapers. Fortunately, divine intervention comes just in time for the holiday weekend, in the form of Jessica Alba. Well, more specifically, in her eco-friendly child-care brand, The Honest Company, which has opened retail space in five U.S. airports.

Jul 1 2015

Forgot bug spray? Diapers? Cold meds? You find it all at The Honest Company‘s new stand-alone retail kiosk at George Bush International Airport starting this weekend. The Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, offers non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

May 20 2015

ZoomSystems announced National Parts Depot (NPD) will be their East Coast Storage, Staging and Depot Repair Center effective immediately. ZoomSystems provides point-of-sale solutions for brands and retailers—giving consumers an enhanced, convenient and satisfying shopping experience. Based on the West Coast, ZoomSystems sought a strategic partner who would prioritize service to their East Coast clients.

May 12 2015

ZoomSystsems is on the forefront of automated self-service retail.  Working with brands such as Best Buy, Proactive, Benefit, Amazon, Essie and Nespresso, their self-service kiosks provide the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of traditional retail.

Apr 28 2015

Nespresso has launched a Nespresso Café in the famous Mariahilferstrasse district of Vienna. "The Nespresso Café is the latest in our pipeline of retail and service innovations. It is a true embodiment of our brand. Not only can consumers indulge in the Nespresso experience, they will also be able to purchase our Grand Crus coffees through our automated boutique, the Nespresso Cube." Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA.